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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on April 4, 2017
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33491176_s.jpgHybrid cloud adoption is undeniably on the rise. This is leading to increasingly complex cloud environments, many of which can be both difficult to implement and to manage. Partnering with an MSP is a simple way to get all of the advantages of hybrid cloud solutions alongside the ease-of-use that managed services can provide.

Current Trends in Hybrid Cloud Computing

Organizations are using both public clouds and private clouds for different applications and resources. Different cloud models may be used for different workloads, while some clouds may be reserved for an organization's most critical assets. Whereas before a company might have a single private cloud and a single public cloud, today they can have multiple clouds of both types. Companies may have a single cloud simply for data while maintaining different clouds for each of their applications. Through the use of these disparate clouds, a hybrid cloud solution can become quite unwieldy.


Not only are there many moving parts, but these parts are all interacting with each other and integrating separately. Ideally, the goal is to establish a seamless hybrid cloud environment, in which both public clouds and private clouds can work easily together. The system needs to be able to work consistently, even as data is moved from one cloud to another.

Integrating and Establishing a Hybrid Cloud Solution

MSPs are experts in both developing and integrating a hybrid cloud solution. Where a hybrid cloud solution already exists, a managed service provider will be able to offer ways to improve consistency and seamlessness between each cloud solution. Where a hybrid cloud solution hasn't yet been established, an MSP will be able to develop a solution from the ground up that is tailored to the organization's current and future needs. Either way, the MSP will be able to optimize and tighten the hybrid cloud, so that it operates consistently and offers the organization the resources that it requires. MSPs will also be able to secure the hybrid cloud effectively; otherwise, security will be determined by the weakest link.

Many organizations are going to find themselves moving to a hybrid cloud infrastructure if they haven't already. In fact, some organizations may already be using a public and private cloud architecture without proper integration. Through the use of an MSP, better integration can be achieved, and an organization can make better use of its existing resources. For more information about MSPs and their benefits, contact the experts at CWPS today.

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