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Posted by Myra Koshan on January 14, 2016
Myra Koshan

network_monitoring_service.jpgStudies have shown that small businesses are the most vulnerable to cybercrime attacks. Despite this, many owners of small-to-mid-sized businesses have declined to invest in new security options, such as network monitoring solutions.

Network monitoring solutions and network infrastructure protection isn't only for large enterprises. There are many network monitoring solutions that are extremely affordable and very easy to deploy -- and the costs scale downwards based on usage and activity. Here are a few of the major advantages to using a network monitoring service:

  1. Protecting your network against attackers. Network monitoring systems are able to identify suspicious traffic, thereby empowering owners to act fast. A network monitoring service is able to provide a broad overview of an SMB's entire IT infrastructure, so that nothing is missed. Today, exploits are more sophisticated and advanced, and are able to target a system in a variety of ways. Monitoring antivirus and firewall solutions separately may leave security gaps.
  2. Keeping informed without in-house staff. A network monitoring service will send alerts and information to an SMB owner as issues arise. Otherwise, an SMB may need to either attempt to monitor their network security themselves or hire a full-time IT employee -- which could be very costly. Data breaches can be more damaging and more expensive the longer they go without being detected.
  3. Optimizing and monitoring your network. Many small business owners are aimed towards rapid growth. This growth cannot be possible if parts of their IT infrastructure are over-burdened or slowed. Network monitoring services will map out the infrastructure of a small business, showing an SMB owner areas of improvement and any issues that currently need to be addressed.
  4. Remotely connecting to your infrastructure. Network monitoring services are able to be accessed from anywhere in the world, allowing an SMB owner to still conduct business whether they are at home, at the office, or traveling abroad. This can be absolutely essential when you are working with a small amount of staff members or when you simply need to complete tasks on your own.

A network monitoring service will be able to alert small business owners to any threats or data breaches, so that they can act swiftly to secure their own digital assets and to protect themselves and their customers. Small business owners are often the most vulnerable because they cannot dedicate the time or the resources to managing their own IT infrastructure; a network monitoring service will fill that gap and more.

Image source: Norlando Pobre

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