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Posted by Myra Koshan on June 17, 2015
Myra Koshan

33819682_sMoving to the cloud has transformed from a question of “if” to “when” for virtually all organizations, regardless of size or industry, as it provides a cost-effective data access solution for businesses, in addition to a slew of other benefits. And one of the most important benefits of the cloud is disaster recovery.

The Importance of Disaster Recovery Planning

Putting off developing and implementing a disaster recovery solution can be very tempting, as it can require upfront investment in security and IT personnel resources. However, a head-in-the-sand approach in this case will place an organization at significant risk, as failure to have a disaster recovery plan can lead to catastrophic data loss, as well as a potentially permanent disruption of business operations. That’s where the cloud comes in.

How Cloud Backup Solutions Help Businesses

Most agree that one of the key components of a successful, comprehensive disaster recovery plan is a cloud-based data backup solution. While on-site redundancies are suitable for some situations, off-site storage in the cloud is the only strategy that can come to the rescue in those smaller situations, in addition to larger-scale incidents that may compromise or destroy on-site backups.

Moreover, cloud-based disaster recovery options can be very helpful to those who may be a bit light on IT resources - personnel, cost and otherwise - within their own organization. For example, having a cloud-based backup solution decreases the necessity to invest in physical data center storage.

Addressing Cloud Challenges

However, there are certain challenges every organization needs to address before implementing a cloud-based disaster recovery solution, specifically around data security and network readiness. How will data be transferred between cloud and end users, and is that transfer path secure? Is your network equipped to handle the bandwidth required to support the cloud? How long would a backup restoration from the cloud to your site actually take?

The key to the successful implementation of any cloud solution for disaster recovery is to be able to answer questions such as those in advance and to build into any subsequent considerations necessary into your disaster recovery and backup plans.

Final Thought

The benefits of leveraging the cloud as a disaster recovery resource are numerous, but your organization needs to prepare before putting anything into practice. And if you have concerns that such a solution is out of reach for your organization - either due to size or resource constraints - consider consulting with a managed services provider, as they can often provide invaluable expertise in this area, as well as full or augmented cloud options.



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