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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on February 16, 2016
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External monitoring and reporting is essential for the secure and stable virtual environment. While virtual environments often have some form of built-in monitoring, these monitoring solutions can only see the virtual environment itself; they cannot see beyond the hypervisor into the hardware and software on the actual device. VM monitoring will give you a true picture of the status of your VMWare solution.

Managing System Performance

Internal monitoring systems will report the system performance within the virtual solution. This will not show the total amount of system resources that are being consumed or that are still available. For those who need to manage and fine-tune their system performance, an accurate accounting of both the virtual system and the physical system must be provided.

External monitoring for a virtual solution will offer key performance indicators that can be used in diagnostics and to head off potential complications. Processing time, memory usage, disk usage, and Internet usage are all examples of performance indicators that will reflect substantially differently between the virtualized environment and the actual environment.

Virtual Machine Monitoring is About Being Proactive About the Environment

Continuous monitoring empowers an IT professional to react before a resource shortage has become an issue. Through continuous monitoring, a proactive strategy can be enacted to ensure that business is not interrupted and that critical systems remain active. A virtual system will be able to report when it's not operating up to par, but it may not be able to identify why without access to the external environment. Thus, IT professionals will find themselves having to react to sluggish or even entirely unresponsive systems, after the damage has already been caused.

Identifying Potential Threats

New forms of malware are being targeted towards breaking through the hypervisor in a VM system and attacking the physical hardware and underlying operating system. Without an external monitoring solution, suspicious activity may go unnoticed. The virtual solution itself will not be able to identify these threats because they will be operating on a different layer of architecture. Transparency is essential for those who need the best security, either to protect their own intellectual property or the information of their clients. 

Organizations transitioning to or operating with virtual environments will find VM monitoring an ideal way to avoid business interruption and to react quickly to any potential problems -- including potential threats. Many organizations rely upon their virtual environments for critical business operations, and thus need to protect both them and their resources. For more information about VM monitoring and its benefits, contact the experts at CWPS.


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