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Posted by Myra Koshan on September 17, 2015
Myra Koshan

While you may know that the cloud can be used to improve software security, did you also know that it can be used to improve surveillance systems as well? Cloud Video Surveillance comes with extensive benefits ranging from ease-of-use to cost. Here are some of the biggest benefits:

1. More Storage

There are few things that are more frustrating than going back to your surveillance tapes to find that the relevant data has already been overwritten. By leveraging the resources of the cloud, a security system can store more data. Eagle Eye Video Surveillance, for example, retains up to 90 days of information.

2. Remote Maintenance

Because your surveillance solution is connected to the cloud, troubleshooting and maintenance can be performed on an as-you-need-it basis. A cloud video surveillance program will provide better customer service and support, as you won't have to rely on on-site technicians and appointments to resolve your issues.

3. Always On Access

Cloud surveillance systems can be accessed from home, from work and on-the-go. Anytime you want to check in, you can. While some more expensive conventional surveillance systems may offer remote check-in, they may have issues with speed and buffering. As a SaaS cloud video surveillance program is meant for transmittal, there are built-in buffers and systems to keep the playback and streaming fast.

4. Regular Updates

Updates are necessary to ensure that a surveillance system is operating its best and that all known vulnerabilities have been resolved. With a cloud solution, updates are processed without you having to do a thing.

5. Scalable and Upgradeable

Because a cloud solution doesn't require extensive on-premise equipment the way that a conventional surveillance system does, you can easily commit to upgrades and scale your system without an extensive installation process. All you need on-site are the recording and transmitting devices; all the records are stored elsewhere.

5. Compact and Convenient

Don't have a lot of room to donate to surveillance? A cloud solution is compact and convenient because the majority of resources are being deployed from off-site.

6. Increased Stability

A cloud solution is constantly monitored for stability and has redundant systems to ensure that the cameras are always active and recording. But what happens if there's a fire or a flood? A conventional system would likely lose your data, but since a cloud service is elsewhere, your data will be fine.

7. Cost Effective

A cloud solution gives you the opportunity to tap into advanced technology and system resources without having to purchase that technology yourself.

Through their advanced programming and resources, SaaS security systems can offer more features at a lower cost than traditional surveillance systems. They are an excellent tool for those looking for a high tech solution to their security problems.

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