Virtualize, Deploy and Scale End-user’s Applications to the Cloud in Minutes with Red River’s Remote Workforce Assist

Canva - Photo of Woman Using Her LaptopRemote work is increasing every day. Due to COVID-19 and social distancing mandates, employers have had to react fast to transition to a remote workforce. According to a recent study by Gallup, the number of Americans working remote has doubled since mid-March to 62%. However, this quick transition to a remote workforce has not come without its challenges.  

Azure for Small Business: How (and Why) an MSP Can Help

Azure for Small Business: How (and Why) an MSP Can HelpWhether you're a startup or an existing small business, Azure is an excellent platform. But as a complicated platform, you might need a little extra help making it work to its full potential. An MSP can help your organization develop out its Azure deployment, and put all the strength of Microsoft Azure behind your own unique vision. Here's how small businesses can benefit from Azure and how they can further benefit from SMB IT managed services.

Best Practices to Keep Your Employees Productive While Working from Home

Canva - Top View Of Student Using A Laptop (1)COVID-19 and social distancing mandates have dramatically changed the way people work. Over the past few weeks, a full or partial remote workforce has become a necessity for most organizations. Working from home has it benefits but it also comes with several disadvantages that can be hard on employees and productivity. 

Wrestling with Azure Cost Management? Here's How an MSP Can Help


Azure Cost Management is complex enough that it's an entirely separate part of managing and maintaining Azure. As with most cloud solutions, Azure has specialized costing depending on the services and features you need and the resources that you use. Azure Cost Management can be arcane to many, and can quickly spiral out of control. A Microsoft Azure management team can help.

9 Ways Azure Managed Services Are More Efficient than Flying Solo


When it comes to an Azure infrastructure, your business doesn't need to go it alone. If you're thinking about an Azure deployment, you should also be thinking about enlisting the services of an MSP. An Azure managed services provider will be able to help you leverage Azure in ways that you may not be able to if you're trying to manage your infrastructure alone.

How Azure Managed Cloud Services Can Change Your Business


Azure alone is powerful. But when augmented by a specialized, managed cloud service, it becomes an even more effective solution. Here are some of the most important ways that Azure managed cloud services can change your business.

Why Migrate to Azure?


Are you considering a migration to Azure? From the benefits of Azure storage to the benefits of a complete Microsoft ecosystem, Azure has a number of features and advantages that make it the right solution for a business. But does that mean that it's right for your business?

6 Azure Migration Strategy Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid


You may know the nuts-and-bolts of Azure migration, but what about your Azure migration strategy? Deploying a critical change in operations demands that you have a comprehensive plan in place. Here are some of the most common mistakes businesses make when they're trying to plan out their Azure migration.