4 Office Goof-Ups Azure Information Protection Could Have Prevented

You may have thought a lot about external threats, but what about internal ones? Your own employees could be your biggest threats, and we aren't talking about double agents or disgruntled former hires. We're talking about, well, basic screw-ups. Negligence by employees remains one of the largest threats to an enterprise. Luckily, Microsoft AIP can help.

3 Ways Azure Information Protection Can Safeguard Your Business' Data

Employees are often an organization's biggest security threat. It makes sense; they work with large volumes of data every day, and it may not always be clear to an employee which data needs to be protected. As information is sent across the network, emailed in attachments, copied and pasted, and uploaded to corporate servers, it may not always be treated with the sensitivity it needs to be.

Understanding an Azure Information Protection Plan: Which Is Right for Your Business?

You already know that your organization can benefit from Microsoft Azure Information Protection – but which plan is right for your business? Microsoft AIP comes with several different features and solutions, depending on the tier of service that you intend on purchasing. To figure out the right solutions for your business, you need to take an in-depth look at the features offered and whether your business needs them. 

Getting Started with Azure Information Protection: What Do You Need to Know?

If you're using Microsoft Azure (or considering a transition), you should also consider the benefits of Microsoft’s Azure Information Protection. An additional safeguard for the purposes of data security, protection, and regulatory compliance, Azure Information Protection can automatically improve upon an organization's data and document management and access controls.