IT Teams Scrambling to Support 'Bring Your Own Device' to the Workplace

Organizations that allow employees to use their personal devices at work are reaping the benefits of a more engaged workforce, particularly among their younger workers. BYOD makes companies a more attractive place to work and saves them the huge up-front cost of buying the devices.

But IT support for personal devices may create additional back-end costs. IT departments now have to manage several different platforms that can support iPads and iPhones, Microsoft and Android-based devices, or any variety of smart phones and tablets.

According to Forrester, 84% of “Generation Y” employees say they chose their work devices without considering corporate policy. They simply assume their organizations will support whatever device they want to use.

More BYOD = A Greater Need for Mobile Device Management

This situation is not likely to change. Companies that want to compete for market share will need to compete for talent, which means they'll need to accommodate devices of all kinds. This, in turn, means that businesses will need to invest more into mobile device management in order to accomodate BYOD policies while still keeping their data safe.

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