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pexels-photo-271560.jpegThough it may sound simple, the mechanics of a BYOD policy are actually very complex. Many employees today don't just bring their own devices to work -- they also use their devices for work while on-the-go. This can expose a company to a lot of risk if their BYOD policy isn't well-developed. MSPs are well-versed in developing, managing, and enforcing BYOD policies. Here are just a few areas in which you may want to consult your MSP.

The Top 3 BYOD Risks You Need to Know About - CWPS

Mobile_Device_Management.jpgMobile devices are still one of the leading threats that organizations worldwide are being forced to counter. Mobile device management presents a serious challenge to an organization: employees today may bring in and use a multitude of devices, operating on numerous different networks, and potentially compromising a wide selection of data. As cyber attackers are increasingly targeting mobile devices for information and access, BYOD policies and mobile device management have become even more essential.

IT Teams Scrambling to Support 'Bring Your Own Device' to the Workplace -CWPS

Organizations that allow employees to use their personal devices at work are reaping the benefits of a more engaged workforce, particularly among their younger workers. BYOD makes companies a more attractive place to work and saves them the huge up-front cost of buying the devices.