Understanding the Full Value of Cisco Video Collaboration  

Technology can make or break the collaborative process. Modern businesses require communication technology with the ability to provide reliable, natural-feeling contact regardless of geographical proximity.

One way this can be achieved is by using Cisco’s video collaboration tools. Cisco video collaboration creates an environment that fosters creativity and engagement by limiting telecommunications delays and providing high-quality video and audio streams. This has a number of benefits:

Team-Building and Resource Sharing

Through video collaboration, employees can reach out to each other with unprecedented access. Not only does this foster a feeling of teamwork and community, but it also allows employees to reach out to other individuals that would have otherwise been inaccessible to them. The ease with which HD video conferencing can be used encourages employees to connect with each other more often, thereby increasing productivity and reducing potential misunderstandings. Employees are able to work together effectively as a cohesive whole, regardless of the office they are in.

Reducing Travel and Associated Costs

Some things simply need to be dealt with face-to-face. Rather than sending employees and partners on costly trips, companies can offer them the option of video conferencing. Travel often has numerous costs associated: airplane tickets, gas mileage, meals, entertainment and more. All of these costs can be entirely avoided through the use of technology. Unnecessary travel can also be harmful to the environment; companies that pride themselves on their "green" operations can reduce the amount of necessary travel with conference calls.

Getting Answers Right Away

Video conferencing is invaluable as an always on and immediate resource. The ability to quickly video conference other contacts in the office allows employees to get answers regarding complicated and important questions immediately. Collaboration can occur throughout many offices at any time and can be entered into on-the-fly for additional needs. No more hitting a wall with projects simply because someone is waiting for a reply.

Using the Right Technology

Cisco collaboration services reduce many of the traditional issues that employees had with video conferencing. Video conferencing delays could make conversation difficult to follow and artificial while poor audio and video quality could make it impossible to understand what was being shown and explained. Cisco offers high definition audio and video streaming for in-the-room level comfort, while also reducing delays and promoting a more natural conversation environment.

Cisco offers a variety of services that can aid in building the perfect video collaboration solutions. Through video collaboration, companies can improve their bottom line, reduce unnecessary travel costs and improve their productivity and efficiency.

Image Source: David Jones