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pexels-photo-541522.jpegWith 90% of leaders within the IT industry now transitioning their backup and recovery services to the cloud, it's time for many businesses to follow suit. Though cloud solutions are redundant, backups are still incredibly important -- and a cloud-to-cloud backup solution eliminates an organization's reliance upon a single cloud-service provider. Here are a few reasons why a cloud-to-cloud backup solution is likely the best option for your organization.

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Just how protected is your cloud data? When you rely upon a cloud services provider, you're putting your
data in a third party's hands - and this may mean that your backups aren't always accessible to you when you need them. A cloud-to-cloud backup service gives you complete control over your data while still continuing to leverage the benefits of the cloud, such as always-on access.

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Managed IT ServiceCloud computing services enable you to streamline and centralize system and network management tasks. If you lack the resources to do this yourself, CWPS provides a comprehensive suite of IT support services that will help you get the most out of your new cloud environment.

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cloud backup services Regardless of your approach to data backup, you’ve likely encountered the following: