Enterprise Cloud Solutions: Ways You Can Streamline Your Business

In 2018, enterprises estimated that they would invest $3.5 million in cloud computing that year. That's a significant investment, but it yields extraordinary returns. Enterprise cloud solutions can significantly streamline and optimize a business, saving the company money over time. Here are a few ways that you can streamline your business through enterprise cloud solutions.

Microsoft Azure vs. AWS – How They Stack Up in 2018 - CWPS

141021-OSX7TL-419What’s the “state of the state” for cloud adoption this year? According to Gartner, the "default position has now flipped as businesses consider cloud deployments first for most upgrades or new installations."

Public Cloud Computing with Office 365 – How Can It Help my Small Business? - CWPS

T1NUHZ0SU7.jpgYou probably remember when Microsoft cornered the market with their office suite. Today, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint remain the go-to office tools for every size and type of business.

What is a Cloud Automation Framework and How Can It Help Your Business? - CWPS

Hybrid_Cloud_Solution-1.jpgA cloud automation framework is a simple framework that automates certain operations within the cloud-based infrastructure. Cloud automation frameworks are generally split into three separate modules: infrastructure automation, deployment automation, and self-healing automation.

6 Tips for Securing Your Cloud Computing Solutions - CWPS

nature-laptop-outside-macbook.jpgCloud solutions are more effective, reliable, and affordable -- but security can still be a concern. Cloud computing solutions need to be secured differently from traditional on-premise infrastructures, however. and securing them improperly can lead to significant issues. Here are some important tips for keeping your cloud computing solution secure. 

The 4 Biggest Cloud Migration Pitfalls (And How to Avoid Them) - CWPS

pexels-photo-335907.jpegIt's inarguable that moving towards the cloud is beneficial for many businesses. In fact, it's become the de facto standard for organizations of all industries and sizes. But that doesn't make the process of migration a simple one; a poorly executed migration can result in administrative headaches, business interruption, and even lost data. With that in mind, here are four of the biggest cloud migration pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Selecting Hybrid Cloud Solutions? Partner With an MSP - CWPS

33491176_s.jpgHybrid cloud adoption is undeniably on the rise. This is leading to increasingly complex cloud environments, many of which can be both difficult to implement and to manage. Partnering with an MSP is a simple way to get all of the advantages of hybrid cloud solutions alongside the ease-of-use that managed services can provide.

5 Advantages to Cloud Contact Center Software - CWPS

CloudContactCenter1.jpgA cloud-based contact center is one of the best alternatives to maintaining a live or on-premise call center. Through a cloud-based contact center, organizations can connect with their current and prospective clients with very limited overhead, paying for the call center time as a service. In this post, we examine the five biggest advantages cloud contact center software has over traditional solutions.

Our Expanded Portfolio of Cloud Solutions - CWPS

Cloud Solutions2014 promises to be a big year for cloud solutions and at CWPS we've been hard at work to support your transition to this popular method of IT and Voice delivery.

Scaling IT with Cloud Solutions Enables Your Business to Compete - CWPS

cloud-data-center-150The physical server is rapidly becoming an outdated relic of the modern office as the emergence of cloud technology makes dedicated servers an unnecessary expense.