How to Get The Most From Office 365's Collaboration Tools - CWPS

office365 collaboration toolsSometimes it takes a village to get work accomplished. The problem: today’s villages are often spread across different cities, states, and countries (not to mention different departments and organizations). A single project can include someone working from their home office in a New Jersey suburb or a coffee shop in Amsterdam.

Collaboration Technology Trends: A Look at the Modern Meeting Room - CWPS

collaboration_technology_trends.jpgTeamwork is the key to any successful enterprise. The easier your employees find it to complete their collaborative projects, the more smoothly your company will run. Collaborative technology is likewise incredibly important -- and there have been great strides made in just the last few years.

Key Considerations for Investing in Collaboration Technology - CWPS

collaborative technologies, collaboration technologyWhen investing in collaboration, it's important to first consider the technology that will be used to bring the collaborative teams together. Here are three of the major considerations.