CWPS Second Annual Take Your Child to Work Day - CWPS

BRING YOURKID TO WORK DAY (2).pngLast Thursday, April 27th kids traded in their book bags for briefcases and headed into work alongside their parents for “Take Your Child to Work Day.” This common work day was transformed into a full day of fun, learning and playing at CWPS's headquarters in Chantilly, VA.

Not only did kids have the opportunity to shadow their parents, but they indulged themselves in fun games with staff; made t-shirts,competed with one another in a cookie decorating contest, and enjoyed catered lunch with their parents.

“Take Your Child to Work Day” has grown from “Take Our Daughters to Work Day,” which was an initiative brought forth by the Ms. Foundation for Women in 1992 to encourage young girls to pursue careers in otherwise male-dominated work environments. With employment headcount becoming more and more equal across genders, the 4th Thursday in April has evolved into a day for both sons and daughters to get a glimpse at what their parents do for a living.

A big thank you goes to our HR department and Customer Success Team for organizing the eventful day full of food, fun and memories for the employees' children.