The Risk of a Cyberattack: A Matter of When Not If

Every business is at risk of cyberattack. In fact, it's really a matter of time before your company experiences one. Your organization's response to a cyberattack is going to have a significant impact on whether it's able to recover swiftly—or even recover at all. Here's what you need to know about preparing yourself for the upcoming threats.

4 Methods For Mitigating Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and Threats - CWPS

A zero-day threat is a security vulnerability that’s exploited by a hacker on the same day it appears. The problem is the breach happens so quickly; there’s no patch available to fix it. The first time you knew the vulnerability occurred was when the hacker used it to attack your organization.

Cyber Security for Business - Why You Need an IT Recovery Plan - CWPS

startup-593327_960_720.jpgInformation technology has evolved beyond being a tool for your business to being the central hub for all of your business operations.

Second Wave of Ransomware Expected to Hit Businesses - CWPS

Over the weekend, “WannaCry” a malicious worldwide ransomware attack crippled hundreds of thousands of end-users and organizations including hospitals, universities, manufacturers and government agencies in countries across the world.

"WannaCry," took advantage of a vulnerability known as EternalBlue, which exploits the Microsoft Windows SMB protocol. Hackers began their attack by distributing random phishing emails with the virus attached. Once end-users opened the attachment, the virus would encrypt files on their computer and lock them out. Users were prompted to pay a ransom in the form of bitcoins to obtain their data.