How Intune Conditional Access Keeps Your Data Safe - CWPS

Have you heard about Intune conditional access? Intune is a cloud-offering from Microsoft that allows for secure mobile management. Intune is Microsoft’s solution for IT managers who feel a desperate need to secure mobile devices and apps and their access to email and other corporate data.

4 Methods For Mitigating Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and Threats - CWPS

A zero-day threat is a security vulnerability that’s exploited by a hacker on the same day it appears. The problem is the breach happens so quickly; there’s no patch available to fix it. The first time you knew the vulnerability occurred was when the hacker used it to attack your organization.

Why a Next Generation Firewall is Essential - CWPS

next generation firewallIf your organization is operating behind last year’s firewall, you are not protected. Don’t believe us?

You Should Never Have to Hire a Data Recovery Services Company (Here's Why) - CWPS

cyber-attack-data-breach.jpgWhat would happen if you lost a portion of your business data? What critical business functions would be affected? How would it affect your clients? 

Must-have Cyber Security Essentials for Your Business - CWPS

cyber_security_tips.jpgManaging cyber security for your business should be a top priority for 2018. That’s because the threats from hackers are multiplying, whether your business is small or enterprise-sized.

Cyber Security for Business - Why You Need an IT Recovery Plan - CWPS

startup-593327_960_720.jpgInformation technology has evolved beyond being a tool for your business to being the central hub for all of your business operations.

How to Prevent Phishing Scams and Create a Culture of Security in Your Office - CWPS

Defend against phishing.jpgIf you’re concerned about cyber security then phishing should be high on your worry list. That’s because phishing is one of the most common causes of cyber security breaches on the planet. In order to remain vigilant against this hacker’s technique, your entire workforce must be aware of how to prevent phishing, and the consequences of falling prey to an attack.

Let’s look at creating an office culture that focuses on to preventing these cyber threats.

Cyber Security Training for Businesses - Why You Need It - CWPS

58754912_s.jpgYour employees have constant access to the technology that your business relies upon -- and even if they are careful, it's likely that they are still a threat. Cyber security training is not relegated to the realm of IT professionals. All employees need to be aware of modern cyber security best practices if you want to reduce your risk.

Cyber Security Tips - The Importance of a Defense-in-Depth Strategy - CWPS

cyber security tipsWhat is defense-in-depth and why is it an important security strategy for organizations today? Defense-in-depth is an IT security strategy that uses a multilayered security approach, with multiple security measures designed to protect the organization's most important data assets. In a defense-in-depth strategy, a company's most important data may be protected by many layers of security, whereas less important data may be less restricted. The average cost of a data breach is $4 million; a proactive defense can protect against this.

One Thing Every SMB Should Know About Choosing an IT MSP - CWPS

55217092_s.jpgWhy are you interested in a managed IT service provider? For the most part, many SMBs look towards an IT MSP to improve upon their operations and manage their technology. But MSPs also provide a far more important service: they can manage a company's cyber security. And it isn't just that an MSP can help protect against some cyber threats. When you work with an MSP, you put the bulk of your IT infrastructure in their hands. You need an MSP that can protect your IT assets from all of the various types of cyber threats – not just one or two.