You Should Never Have to Hire a Data Recovery Services Company (Here's Why) - CWPS

cyber-attack-data-breach.jpgWhat would happen if you lost a portion of your business data? What critical business functions would be affected? How would it affect your clients? 

The Pitfalls of an On-site Secure Mail Server - CWPS

Onsite secure email serverTo get right to the point: most businesses don’t need an on-site mail server. Setting up an on-site server can be an expensive and time-consuming and there are so many great virtual alternatives, that a secure mail server in the cloud makes sense for most businesses.

The Importance of Cloud Computing to Your Cyber Security Strategy - CWPS

security-cyber.jpegMoving your data to the cloud is more secure than keeping it on-premise – not less. That’s why it’s increasingly the foundation of a cyber security strategy for a growing number of businesses.

How to Develop an Information Security Policy - CWPS

information security policyIn a small to mid-sized business, you get to wear a lot of hats. We understand the challenges of staying on top of marketplace changes, competition, distribution disruptions, cash flow, and all the other myriad tasks competing for your attention.

Must-have Cyber Security Essentials for Your Business - CWPS

cyber_security_tips.jpgManaging cyber security for your business should be a top priority for 2018. That’s because the threats from hackers are multiplying, whether your business is small or enterprise-sized.

Cyber Security for Business - Why You Need an IT Recovery Plan - CWPS

startup-593327_960_720.jpgInformation technology has evolved beyond being a tool for your business to being the central hub for all of your business operations.

How to Prevent Phishing Scams and Create a Culture of Security in Your Office - CWPS

Defend against phishing.jpgIf you’re concerned about cyber security then phishing should be high on your worry list. That’s because phishing is one of the most common causes of cyber security breaches on the planet. In order to remain vigilant against this hacker’s technique, your entire workforce must be aware of how to prevent phishing, and the consequences of falling prey to an attack.

Let’s look at creating an office culture that focuses on to preventing these cyber threats.

Cyber Security Training for Businesses - Why You Need It - CWPS

58754912_s.jpgYour employees have constant access to the technology that your business relies upon -- and even if they are careful, it's likely that they are still a threat. Cyber security training is not relegated to the realm of IT professionals. All employees need to be aware of modern cyber security best practices if you want to reduce your risk.

Cyber Security Tips - The Importance of a Defense-in-Depth Strategy - CWPS

cyber security tipsWhat is defense-in-depth and why is it an important security strategy for organizations today? Defense-in-depth is an IT security strategy that uses a multilayered security approach, with multiple security measures designed to protect the organization's most important data assets. In a defense-in-depth strategy, a company's most important data may be protected by many layers of security, whereas less important data may be less restricted. The average cost of a data breach is $4 million; a proactive defense can protect against this.

Second Wave of Ransomware Expected to Hit Businesses - CWPS

Over the weekend, “WannaCry” a malicious worldwide ransomware attack crippled hundreds of thousands of end-users and organizations including hospitals, universities, manufacturers and government agencies in countries across the world.

"WannaCry," took advantage of a vulnerability known as EternalBlue, which exploits the Microsoft Windows SMB protocol. Hackers began their attack by distributing random phishing emails with the virus attached. Once end-users opened the attachment, the virus would encrypt files on their computer and lock them out. Users were prompted to pay a ransom in the form of bitcoins to obtain their data.