What is Continuous Data Protection? - CWPS

43891900_s.jpgContinuous data protection (CDP) is a real-time backup solution that is automatically updated with every change to the live system. By maintaining a complete, real-time copy of the company's data, better disaster protection and data fidelity can be achieved. CDP systems have many advantages for businesses looking to avoid business interruption and improve their network efficiency.

Not Just Safe & Secure Offsite... CWPS Easy Data Protection's Vault is Out-of-Region

easy data protectionWhen you subscribe to CWPS EDP for your enterprise-class storage needs, your backups will be stored and protected out-of-region at the CWPS Vault in Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, North Carolina.

This redundantly equipped, multi-level secured EDP Datacenter is supported with technologies from our industry leading partners…

CWPS' Data Protection Services − Backed by Asigra Reliability

data protection services with asigraIndustry leader, Asigra, is the partner whose technology works behind the scenes of our data protection services, enabling our IT experts to seamlessly and efficiently scale, deliver, and manage the backup services our clients rely on.