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Email encryptionIf you’re the owner of a small to mid-sized business, you may be thinking that encrypted email is out of your reach. For those of you who’ve heard the term but don’t quite understand it, encrypted email is a methodology to scramble business communications so that only the intended recipients can read it.

The Pitfalls of an On-site Secure Mail Server - CWPS

Onsite secure email serverTo get right to the point: most businesses don’t need an on-site mail server. Setting up an on-site server can be an expensive and time-consuming and there are so many great virtual alternatives, that a secure mail server in the cloud makes sense for most businesses.

The 3 Main Types of Email Security Threats - CWPS

email security threats

Email remains one of the top threats to an organization's cybersecurity. Through email a wide variety of malicious programs, exploits, and social engineering tactics can be disseminated. Decision makers must be aware of the major threats related to email security and the best way to avoid vulnerabilities and risk.

Why You Should Consider an Email Security Service in 2016 - CWPS

email security serviceWith 1.7 billion current email exploits bouncing across the Internet, it's not surprising that email security remains at the forefront of cyber security and privacy concerns. Email exploits are constantly being directed to an organization's employees, and it only takes one recent exploit -- and a careless employee -- to compromise the organization's infrastructure. Email is the most used medium of communication today, and its ability to transfer external files into a protected network makes it incredibly dangerous. To combat this, many organizations are switching to an email security service rather than attempting to maintain security in-house.