Emerging Cyber Threats & Strategies for Defense with CWPS and Alert Logic

Alert_Logic_Logo_CMYK_with_TaglineStephen Coty, Chief Security Evangelist, at Alert Logic, talked to a packed house at the CWPS lunch and learn event on March 18. His message was loud and clear: vulnerabilities and breaches are on the rise but with a solid security plan, you can prevent them from happening. 


Stephen spoke about implementing a solid security plan for all of your cyber assets. You should review your security in-depth strategies to make sure you have the proper technology, people and processes in place to support and secure the business infrastructure. You may ask yourself, “Where do I start?” Here is a list of steps towards a solid security plan:

Shellshock Retrospective: What We Can Learn - CWPS

cyber_securityBy now most organizations have started to recover from the fire drill of their incident response process that the shellshock vulnerability caused. Servers are patched, applications are upgraded, and security technologies have been updated to look for attacks meant to exploit the vulnerability in the GNU BASH (Bourne Again Shell) code. As the dust settles it’s time to look at how our organizations responded and what we, as an industry, can do better when the next vulnerability or attack hits.