The Top Cyber Security Threats of 2017 (And How an MSP Can Help) - CWPS

45725783_s.jpgIs your company protected from the top cyber security threats of 2017? Cyber security can change not only by the year but by the hour -- and that can be difficult to keep track of for organizations of any size. An MSP can help fill gaps in your resources and educate your organization on the most prominent threats to your business and your industry.

How IT MSP Can Help Your SMB Embrace the Internet of Things - CWPS

InternetofThings-1.jpgThe Internet of Things can be at once an attractive and terrifying prospect, especially for SMBs. Though the Internet of Things can represent a significant competitive advantage, it also carries with it a non-trivial security risk. As the Dyn DDoS attack in October of 2016 showed us, IoT devices can open businesses up to a variety of cyber attacks.  But that doesn't mean an SMB is going to be able to avoid the IoT altogether.

What You Need to Know About IoT Malware - CWPS

IoT_Security.jpgThe only thing growing as quickly as the Internet of Things may just be malware targeted towards the Internet of Things. IoT malware is becoming exceptionally common -- and with good reason. For most businesses, the IoT represents both an increase in productivity and a significant security vulnerability. Businesses will need to get on top of their IoT security to ride out this new wave.

How Businesses Can Get the Most Out of the IoT - CWPS

internet_of_Things_internet_of_everything.jpgThe Internet of Things does not have to be feared. Though it does currently represent a substantial security threat, the benefits that it will soon convey far outweigh the negatives. Like the cloud, the IoT will eventually become more secure as it sees further adoption, and will ultimately be able to help companies in some major ways.

A Simplified Internet of Things Definition - CWPS


What is the Internet of Things and why is it so critical to modern business security? You may have noticed the recent proliferation of "smart devices;" devices that connect to the Internet to provide more advanced features such as automation. For a basic Internet of Things definition, you need only consider all of the devices in your office that are now granted network access and activity, and the consequences of this evolution.

10 Internet of Things Ideas We Would Like to See Become Reality - CWPS


Sometimes it can be difficult for IT professionals to see the Internet of Things as anything but a significant security risk. Rather than simply putting your anti-virus solutions through the paces, the Internet of Things could become a beneficial way to automate our work and home environments. Here are a few things we'd like to see come to fruition in the IoT.

How IDaaS Protects Against the Dangers of the Internet of Things - CWPS

Identity_as_a_Service_IDaaS.jpgA hot topic in modern organizations, the Internet of Things is swiftly becoming a driving force in new security technologies. The Internet of Things represents some serious security issues that IT teams will need to address as the technology moves forward.