Saas Vs On Premise Monitoring: What You Need To Know

1._cloud_to_cloud_backup.jpgIf you want to keep your system up and running, you need monitoring. But should you invest in on-premise monitoring or SaaS monitoring? More enterprises today are moving towards SaaS monitoring solutions -- both because of their cost and their versatility. SaaS solutions are preferable to on-premise solutions in virtually every way. With rare exception, they should be able to save your organization both time and money.

SaaS Solutions Have Better Resources

A SaaS solution is able to leverage the power of cloud-based resources; in other words, they can scan faster, more reliably, and more thoroughly. An on-premise solution is always going to be limited by the company's resources, which could be a problem if the organization has legacy equipment or simply doesn't have the speed. Many cyber exploits rely upon the failure of monitoring solutions, whether it's through brute force flooding or recent exploits that have not yet been caught. A SaaS solution will usually be able to stop these exploits dead in their tracks, as it will have superior resources and be up-to-date on its alerts. 

SaaS Solutions Are Autonomous

SaaS solutions are autonomous compared to the rest of the infrastructure. If an on-premise monitoring solution is connected to a system that goes down, there may not be the appropriate alerts sent out to others. SaaS solutions are on a completely different system, freeing them up to respond to issues that would otherwise take the system down entirely. 

SaaS Solutions Come With Help

A SaaS solution is going to be associated with a 24/7 support group that can help your organization should any unexpected threats come in. SaaS support can provide expertise and knowledge regarding these SaaS solutions, due to their familiarity with the technology. On the other hand, on-premise monitoring has to be maintained solely by the organization's employees, who may not necessarily be well-versed in the system and who may be costly to employ. 

So when should you have an on-premise monitoring solution? Very rarely. On-premise monitoring solutions only make sense for the largest of enterprises, and even then, they only make sense for unique IT infrastructures. SaaS monitoring will be most useful for the vast majority of organizations. Logic Monitor provides a premiere SaaS monitoring solution that can be tailored to businesses of any size and industry. If you want to transition to a SaaS -- or want more information about Logic Monitor -- you can contact CWPS now.

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