Hiring a Managed Service Provider: The Top 5 Benefits

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Businesses are increasingly turning towards the solutions of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in order to streamline their operations and improve upon their IT responsiveness. Here are the top five benefits for switching to a managed service provider rather than having in-house IT administration.

1. Proactive and Innovative Solutions

Most organizations with in-house IT personnel must focus their staff on putting out fires. Working with an MSP gives a business the opportunity to be more proactive, letting them focus their IT staff on innovation and revenue-generating activities. The MSP can handle mundane tasks such as help desk tickets and system monitoring while the IT department focuses on the organization's long-term development and goals.

2. Saving On Costs

Rather than having to pay a dedicated IT team regardless of how often they are needed, an MSP allows an organization to only pay for the hours of IT time they actually need. MSPs are often more affordable than keeping an on-premise IT team and don't require that the employer invest in benefits or training.

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3. Improving Vendor Management

A managed service provider is able to interface with vendors on behalf of a business, ensuring that operations run smoothly and working as an advocate and assistant for any issues that the business encounters. This becomes increasingly critical for organizations who work with extensive third-party applications. The MSP thus begins to operate as a simple first point of contact for any troubleshooting and administrative issues.

4. Helping an Organization Scale

Scaling too quickly is often a problem for businesses. MSPs are solutions that can be scaled without an investment in new infrastructure; therefore, an MSP lets a business scale upwards without the risk of over-extending. If a business then needs to reduce its scale quickly, it can do so; an MSP allows for rapid restructuring of IT services and resources. 

5. Providing Specialized and Knowledgeable Employees

An MSP comes complete with a diverse staff of both knowledgeable and specialized employees. With an in-house IT team, it's usually required that a business instead hire a generalist or a few broad spectrum IT team members to cover all of their needs. An MSP allows for a business to quickly connect with security, network, and other enterprise specialists.

An MSP is a cost-effective and flexible solution that organizations of all sizes and industries can often benefit from. Contact CWPS today if you want to learn more about the benefits that an MSP can provide.

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Why You Should Consider CWPS' Managed Services

By Brandon Ruhe

For the most part, the typical 9-5 business days are over. You know, the days when five o’clock would roll around, you’d leave work, get home and drop your briefcase at the door until the morning. For many people this hasn’t been the case for many years. Companies have gone global, requiring them to work before or after hours to communicate with their business counterparts. Even if a company hasn’t gone global, they still feel the pressure of competition and technology has enabled us to stay connected and productive after hours.

Though most of us would rather work only eight hours a day, this is reality. To compensate, businesses should be looking for ways to reduce their idle time- time spent away from their core business processes. Other than socializing, which is a separate issue, the main cause of idle time is technology struggles. For smaller businesses with no IT department, it’s configuring and maintaining technology and taking issues into their own hands. For larger companies with an IT department it is doing everything themselves, wasting time, effort and money.

CWPS' Managed Services

Outsourcing is the answer. At CWPS, we’ve worked with companies as large as the Coast Guard and as small as a doctor’s office. We’ve been a company’s entire IT department and we’ve been simply a help and support desk available 24x7x365, whenever a customer needs us. We have saved businesses from disaster by recovering key files at a moment’s notice with our Easy Data Protection.

CWPS is available for on-site engineering support to take care of many pain-staking processes businesses have to handle with when dealing with technology. We offer firewall services so your business network is safe. CWPS can even take care of identifying what is working well and what needs attention in your business by providing a comprehensive review of your environment.

Though the business environment is competitive and constantly expanding, that doesn’t mean your IT headaches have to. For small businesses, worry and focus on key aspects of your business. With CWPS'  managed services, we take care of your technology. For business IT departments, we’re not trying to take your job, we’re just here to help out wherever needed. We’ll do our jobs, so you can do yours.

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Why Rely on Managed IT Services?

Businesses are finding that technology is moving ever faster and is outpacing tight IT budgets. With limited resources and a challenging economy, our clients are finding that fully managed or co-managed IT services enable them to meet end-user needs faster, smarter and more cost effectively.

With Turnkey IT Assist, CWPS does it all. We monitor your systems, manage virus patches and updates, provide proactive alerts and notifications of problems, and deliver remote and on-site, hands-on support when you need it – 24 x 7 x 365.

If you already have an IT team, our Co-Managed IT Assist service gives you peace of mind that you have an experienced partner on-call when unexpected challenges arise - especially when vacations, personal days and unplanned absences leave your team short-handed.

CWPS IT Assist can protect your company and user data too. Our EASY DATA PROTECTION service provides:

  • Secure, encrypted data replication to our off-site data center
  • De-duplication and compression enables quick transfer
  • Automated back-ups
  • Fast data recovery
  • Virtual recovery from the CWPS EDP cloud if an office is made inaccessible after a catastrophe

Get the reliable IT support you need, when you need it – at an affordable cost. Contact CWPS for all the details about our : (877) 297-7472 or connect@cwps.com.

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For a MSP, It’s Not a Problem, It’s An Opportunity

By Mike Barecchia

When supporting IT systems it is very easy to get into “reporting” mode when alerting the customer of issues on their system. A lot of times, IT staff will report issues that are happening with a system to the customer. While the customer would like to know about these issues, they also want to know what can be done to fix them.

As an managed service provider, presenting issues to the customer without a solution winds up looking like an excuse for not delivering on whatever deliverable is in impacted as well as not taking advantage of the opportunity to grow business.

Managed Service Provider: All About Solutions

To avoid this trap, it is helpful to train staff to provide solutions with every problem. Something as simple as having a field for “solution” on the same document used to record the issue is helpful. Repeating the message to staff in each and every meeting also helps reminds folks that each issue needs a solution. The key is to make sure that everyone on your team is thinking the same way. For a manged service proveder, the mentality should be about being a solutions provider and not just minding the shop.

Why is this so crucial? As the provider of the operations support, why wouldn’t the customer turn to you for providing the solution as well? For example, reporting a slow link between sites is certainly helpful to your customer, but reporting a slow link along with a suggestion of how to improve link quality and/or speed is what keeps a customer your customer.

It is fairly straight forward that you would be able to pitch the solution from a cost and implementation standpoint. A project plan and cost analysis is also something you want to give your customer as well. The more complete the thought, the less thinking your customer has to do and the less likely they will shop the idea. Identifying issues without a solution and plan of execution is really just giving your customer a reason to go to your competition.

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