What Do You Need to Know Before Setting Up Microsoft Teams?

Before setting up Microsoft Teams, you need to make sure that your organization is ready. The way you build your MS Teams architecture is going to control how people use MS Teams moving into the future; a well-organized system is going to be a well-used system. If you don't have the proper processes and training in place, you may end up with more confusion than productivity.

Microsoft Teams Best Practices: Making the Most of Teams

MS Teams is a powerful, robust platform. It facilitates collaboration, serves as a central communication hub for the business, and integrates directly into existing solutions. While simple to use, MS Teams has many distinct, complex options, and an array of unique features and integrations. Following Microsoft's recommendations will make it easier for you to leverage MS Teams to its fullest extent.

Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: Which Makes Sense for Your Business?

Microsoft Teams and Slack have been battling it out for market share, but which is best for your business? It ultimately depends on the environment that you prefer and the features that you need. While MS Teams and Slack may seem similar at the outset, there are some notable differences that may make one solution better suited to your organization.

How to Set Up Microsoft Teams Live Events

Connecting to your team has never been easier than with Microsoft Teams — and the new Live Events feature provides a convenient portal through which your organization can host important seminars, meetings, and outreach events.

Skype For Business or Microsoft Teams: While Is the Best VOIP Solution for Sales?

Should your sales team use Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams for their internal communications? While Skype for Business has been the industry standard for many years, Microsoft Teams is a newer and well-integrated technology that is quickly gaining traction. Not only does Microsoft Teams have a number of advantages over Skype for Business, but Skype for Business may also not be around much longer.

How Microsoft Teams Screen Sharing and Other Collaboration Features Can Help Drive Sales

Modern sales departments need to remain mobile, agile, and effective. A modern sales department often consists of large numbers of skilled employees, many of which may not be in the same geographic location. Sales departments need to be able to coordinate effectively regarding a number of sales strategies, consult each other on marketing information on-the-fly, and track their performance metrics in real-time.

Why Marketing Should Transition From Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

Could your marketing team use help with communication? Microsoft Teams provides a full collaboration suite, through which marketers can communicate effectively from anywhere in the world. Through Microsoft Teams, your marketing department can improve its productivity, brainstorming and producing final deliverables much faster. Even better, Microsoft Teams is integrated with a number of MS Office solutions and third-party solutions, many of which are designed specifically for the marketing industry.

How Microsoft Office 365 Teams Can Streamline Your Recruiting Process

Recruiting processes are changing. Not only is the scope of modern recruitment expanding, but hiring managers are being forced the process larger volumes of information than ever before. Microsoft Teams Office 365 comes with a number of features that can be used to streamline and improve the recruiting process, ultimately reducing the amount of time recruitment takes while providing for more consistent communication.

Microsoft Teams' Planner: How it Can Help You Create This Year's Marketing Strategy

As you plan this year's marketing strategy, you may want to consider how new technology may be able to help your department. Microsoft Team planner is an intuitive, easy-to-use project management platform, which can be integrated with Microsoft Teams and MS Office 365. If your organization is looking for a better way to organize and manage its marketing strategies, the Microsoft team planner may be able to provide some of the features that they need.

Why the Microsoft Teams Calendar is Perfect for HR

The Office 365 Microsoft Teams Calendar comes with a number of features that are perfect for a human resources department. HR managers can use the features of Microsoft Teams to improve their scheduling, communicate more effectively, and manage and maintain progressively larger offices. Here are a few ways in which your HR team can be enriched through Microsoft Teams.