How to Prepare For an Office 365 Cutover Migration - CWPS

IT professionals understand the value of planning before the go-live happens. How many disasters have occurred because a lack of planning has stymied a project? In the transition from on-premise applications, to the cloud, what are the key planning metrics that any IT manager must address before making either an Office 365 cutover migration or an Office 365 hybrid migration?

Migrating to Office 365? Here is What You Need to Know - CWPS

Migrating to Office 365

A migration to Office 365 shouldn't be taken lightly. Migrating to the cloud requires a significant shift of corporate infrastructure. From on-premise to a fully cloud solution, there are considerations that need to be made regarding technology, training, and integration. Before you commit to the migration, you should commit to a migration strategy. There are three major ways that you can migrate to Office 365.