9 Ways to Keep Your Employee's Mobile Devices Secure

Organizations find themselves tasked with protecting an ever-increasing number of endpoint devices. Among cybersecurity professionals, mobile devices are considered to be the most difficult asset to protect. With an increasing number of employees using their mobile devices for work, it becomes necessary to proactively improve security. Mobile devices are vulnerable to a number of modern, technologically-advanced attacks, and the cyberattacks targeted towards mobile devices are growing every day.

Why Office 365 EM+S Isn't Like Other Mobile Device Management Solutions - CWPS

Mobile devices are currently one of the major attack vectors for any organization, giving rise to the need for comprehensive cybersecurity and MDM solutions. Mobile Device Management Solutions like Microsoft’s Office 365 EM+S can secure user endpoints like smartphones and tablets, protecting an organization from compromise. Though there are many solutions available, Microsoft Office 365 EM+S goes beyond a traditional MDM, taking a much more granular approach to managing company data on mobile devices. 

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37810932_s“Any device, anytime, anywhere.” It’s a concept that has become more of a consumer expectation rather than a pipedream, thanks to rapid technological advancements in the past 10 years.

Are Mobile Devices Secure for Your Company? - CWPS

13430047_sWith mobile devices becoming more popular, both private and public organizations are eagerly harnessing the mobility trend to connect with customers, clients, vendors and workers. This is because you can conduct a wide variety of transactions using mobility technology – from collecting credit card payments and implementing customer support services to remote data access opportunities and on-the-spot consultations.