How Intune Conditional Access Keeps Your Data Safe

Have you heard about Intune conditional access? Intune is a cloud-offering from Microsoft that allows for secure mobile management. Intune is Microsoft’s solution for IT managers who feel a desperate need to secure mobile devices and apps and their access to email and other corporate data.

How to Prepare For an Office 365 Cutover Migration

IT professionals understand the value of planning before the go-live happens. How many disasters have occurred because a lack of planning has stymied a project? In the transition from on-premise applications, to the cloud, what are the key planning metrics that any IT manager must address before making either an Office 365 cutover migration or an Office 365 hybrid migration?

Why Office 365 is the King of G-Suite Alternatives

Office 365 is still the most widely used productivity software. Find out why Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are still the best G Suite alternatives.

The Google G Suite is here, and it’s trying to compete directly with Microsoft by offering an alternative to software products like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint that most companies have already built into the fabric of their workflows.

Webex vs Skype - Which Makes Sense for Your Business?

We already know how important web conferencing is to today’s mobile workforce. Two of the best and most popular web conferencing services on the market today are Cisco’s WebEx and Microsoft’s Skype for Business products. Both are cloud-based software products that bring the power of remote conferencing to businesses of all sizes and types. Millions of people all over the globe use both products to stay connected. 

Get to Know Skype for Business Basic

One of the benefits – and drawbacks – of Microsoft products are all the subscription and feature options. Any casual user of Excel or PowerPoint understands the fact that Microsoft software applications are known for offering multiple shortcuts and ways to conduct tasks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Skype

It's important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of Skype before eliminating your traditional business landline. Skype for Business can bring together remote teams and allow them to participate in meetings just as if they were in the same room together. But Skype for Business also has some drawbacks tied to the technology it uses, which may not be a good fit for your business. This article looks candidly at the advantages and disadvantages of Skype to determine if it might be a good fit for your business.

Microsoft Azure vs. AWS – How They Stack Up in 2018

141021-OSX7TL-419What’s the “state of the state” for cloud adoption this year? According to Gartner, the "default position has now flipped as businesses consider cloud deployments first for most upgrades or new installations."

How to Get The Most From Office 365's Collaboration Tools

office365 collaboration toolsSometimes it takes a village to get work accomplished. The problem: today’s villages are often spread across different cities, states, and countries (not to mention different departments and organizations). A single project can include someone working from their home office in a New Jersey suburb or a coffee shop in Amsterdam.

Office 365 vs. GSuite - Which Makes Sense for Fast-Growth Companies

Office 365 vs. GSuiteThere are all kinds of productivity applications on the market today. Two of the best ones have been built by Google and Microsoft. Both Google’s GSuite and Microsoft Office 365 offer communications tools and file storage along with office tools. But comparing Office 365 vs. GSuite applications shows some real differences between the two models. For the fast-growing company, which will work best? 

Why Use Skype for Business?

pexels-photo-515166.jpegSkype for Business gives even the smallest of companies an affordable way to manage teams that are on the road. Microsoft has integrated this flexible and easy-to-use video and audio conferencing service directly into the Office 365 suite of products. The benefits are outstanding – now one click lets you communicate freely via instant messaging, audio, video, and email all in one place. You won’t have to manage multiple applications; everything you need is under one umbrella. This article looks more closely at some of the benefits of using Skype for Business as a one-stop communications tool.