What You Need to Know About Mobile Application Management - CWPS

There has been an evolution in mobile device management from the big stick approach that tries to manage employee personal devices to the more granular mobile application management. Wired had an article on MDM vs. MAM and said, “taking a command-and-control approach to managing mobile devices that are typically owned by employees has turned out to be a misguided strategy.”

The 7 Top Microsoft Intune Features - CWPS

Microsoft Intune is part of the Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite, which provides mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) in the cloud. Microsoft Intune helps businesses manage all of the devices accessing their network while controlling access to corporate data and improving IT security.

This article will look at Microsoft Intune features to provide you with an understanding of how to best use this tool.

Office 365 e3 vs e5: What Makes Sense For Your Business? - CWPS

IT has a tough job these days. It’s caught between users that want easy access and the necessity of protecting data from encroachment in an ever-widening network where personal devices are seeking access just as frequently as an in-house desktop.