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office365 collaboration toolsSometimes it takes a village to get work accomplished. The problem: today’s villages are often spread across different cities, states, and countries (not to mention different departments and organizations). A single project can include someone working from their home office in a New Jersey suburb or a coffee shop in Amsterdam.

Office 365 vs. GSuite - Which Makes Sense for Fast-Growth Companies - CWPS

Office 365 vs. GSuiteThere are all kinds of productivity applications on the market today. Two of the best ones have been built by Google and Microsoft. Both Google’s GSuite and Microsoft Office 365 offer communications tools and file storage along with office tools. But comparing Office 365 vs. GSuite applications shows some real differences between the two models. For the fast-growing company, which will work best? 

Why Use Skype for Business? - CWPS

pexels-photo-515166.jpegSkype for Business gives even the smallest of companies an affordable way to manage teams that are on the road. Microsoft has integrated this flexible and easy-to-use video and audio conferencing service directly into the Office 365 suite of products. The benefits are outstanding – now one click lets you communicate freely via instant messaging, audio, video, and email all in one place. You won’t have to manage multiple applications; everything you need is under one umbrella. This article looks more closely at some of the benefits of using Skype for Business as a one-stop communications tool. 

Private or Public Cloud Computing Architecture- Which is Better for Office 365? - CWPS

cloud-2530972_960_720.jpgMicrosoft Office 365 is available in the cloud, whether it’s a public, private, or hybrid infrastructure that you’re using to get there. While you probably knew that Office 365 was available as a low cost subscription model online, you may not realize that you have a number of choices related to how your cloud foundation will be built.

Public Cloud Computing with Office 365 – How Can It Help my Small Business? - CWPS

T1NUHZ0SU7.jpgYou probably remember when Microsoft cornered the market with their office suite. Today, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint remain the go-to office tools for every size and type of business.

Cloud as a Service: Where Office 365 Fits In - CWPS

carl-heyerdahl-181868.jpgBusiness Insider broke the news with this headline: Microsoft is bundling up all its best stuff in a bid to overtake Amazon in the cloud wars. They described Microsoft’s new cloud as a service bundle in a way that made you think of cake and ice cream – a delicious and palate pleasing duo for businesses hungry to improve their efficiencies.

Cloud Collaboration Tools: Making Sense of Your Options - CWPS

cloud collaboration toolsCollaboration is arguably the most important component to any business. If employees aren't able to work together effectively, they aren't able to get work done. But the proliferation of out-of-office workers, remote employees, and "house" calls has also made it difficult for employees to be able to collaborate effectively. This is where cloud-based tools come in. Cloud-based tools let employees collaborate as though they were working in the same office, even from halfway across the world. Here are some of the best options for cloud collaboration tools.

Cloud Computing Service Providers: Which is Right For You? - CWPS

pexels-photo-335907 (1).jpegThough there are hundreds (if not thousands) of cloud computing service providers available, there are three major providers that you hear about most frequently: Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), and Google (Google Cloud Engine). Other forerunners include IBM SmartCloud, Rackspace, and VMWare, but these are smaller and generally engaged for more specific use cases. Most businesses looking for a cloud computing service are going to at least consider the big three -- and there isn't necessarily a clear answer regarding which is the "best." Here is an overview of the three major providers and how they may (or may not) work for your organization.

4 Reasons to Switch to Skype for Business - CWPS

Skype for businessOver the past few years, Skype has matured into a fully-functional business communication and collaboration platform. If you're thinking about improving your organization's technology, one way in which you can do so quickly is to switch to Skype for Business. Unlike many other solutions, such as GoToMeeting, Skype for Business is fully integrated into the Office 365 suite, provides advanced cloud features, and is simple and easy to use.

3 Reasons Why Office 365 in the Cloud is Better - CWPS

58779255_s.jpgIf you're already accustomed to Office 2016 (or any older, non-cloud version of Office), you may be wondering why you should bother moving to the cloud. After all, you already have all of your native applications on your systems -- why make your employees transition to a different solution? But, in fact, Office 365 on the cloud is substantially better for productivity, security, and scalability. Cloud-based infrastructures mean there's no physical components for you to manage and all of your systems are available through the Internet. Here are some of the principle advantages when dealing with Office 365 vs Office 2016.