Virtual Desktops from CWPS – Transforming IT in the Office

Virtual Desktop InfrastructureA virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) provides users with desktops and applications on their computers, notebooks, and mobile clients. They get direct access to data and features – stored and managed in the data center as if they were loaded on their local devices. IT Managers get peace of mind with a comprehensive solution set that offers the following advantages:

Virtualization Challenges: Storage Management - CWPS

data-storageStorage is the most critical and valuable resource in a virtual environment as it serves as the persistent foundation for the virtual machines running on a host. Because storage can make or break a virtual environment, having a properly architected and well-performing storage system is paramount. Storage is typically also the most costly part of your virtual environment as well.

VMWare Management Challenges: Monitoring and Reporting - CWPS

12661404_sVirtual environments are like small children, they require constant supervision and monitoring. If you ignore them and don’t keep an eye on them you could end up with a real big mess on your hands.