How to Use SharePoint: Best Practices for Microsoft's Document Sharing Platform

How to Use SharePointMany businesses aren't using SharePoint to its fullest extent. Instead of empowering employees through the corporate intranet, the corporate intranet is aging, cluttered, and confusing. SharePoint has a lot of strengths, but if it isn't managed properly, it can grow out of control. If you're wondering how to use SharePoint to improve employee productivity and collaboration, here are some important tips and tricks.

SharePoint vs. OneDrive – What’s the Difference? - CWPS

SharePoint Online and OneDrive are both relatives in the Microsoft family of products, housed in the Office 365 suite of services. Both products offer online document services and are great not only for storage but file sharing as well. Both were designed for the small to enterprise-size business and work well for any industry.

SharePoint vs Confluence - A Side-by-Side Comparison - CWPS

pexels-photo-860379If your organization is trying to decide between SharePoint and Confluence, you’ve come to the right place. Both software platforms have been created by two of the most well-respected companies in the technology game; Atlassian, the Australian company that makes software geared for developers, and Microsoft, the American firm that first cornered and then kept the market for office communications tools.

Pros and Cons of SharePoint for Small Business - CWPS

IMG_1047.jpgSharePoint is a great tool for team collaboration. It’s the unquestioning ruler of the intranet – those internal company websites that are perfect for project-related communications.

Differences Between Sharepoint vs. Office 365 - CWPS

IMG_1056.jpgSharePoint and Office 365 are some of the most widely used software tools in the world. Microsoft designed these products as an interconnected set of tools that help the modern office get things done faster and more efficiently. But how are they similar – or different from each other? What are some ways to use these tools and how can they compliment the work you do every day?

Managing Document Storage: Sharepoint Best Practices - CWPS

IMG_0740.jpgAny file storage system can turn into a jumbled mess if best practices aren’t established. From naming conventions to sharing permissions, how an organization uses digital document storage platforms should help curtail the complexity, easily allowing users to find what they need quickly and consistently.

Top Four Cool SharePoint Features - CWPS

CWPS-0_06.jpgMicrosoft’s SharePoint continues to improve. The goal of the entire Office365 online suite is to create a connected universe to help users work smarter. To this end, SharePoint continues to evolve from the basic file-sharing portal it was 15 years ago.

Today, SharePoint has cornered the market as a content management and communications hub. This article looks at the top four cool SharePoint features that are must-haves for any business.

Fan Favorite – Box vs. SharePoint - CWPS

1._cloud_to_cloud_backup.jpgThere’s a new competitor in the file sharing and collaborative office hub space. That’s because Box, a relative newcomer to the web-based content management company marketplace, has added some features to allow the software to make a play to compete against industry leader Microsoft. This has led to some discussion recently about which is better: Box or SharePoint?

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IMG_1012.jpgSharePoint is Microsoft’s answer to improved office collaboration and communication. SharePoint isn’t like some of the online storage tools you’ve used in the past; it was designed to change office workflows and improve how teams work together across any digital device.

What is SharePoint? - CWPS

7810627_s-1.jpgSharePoint is Microsoft’s answer to improved project management and office collaboration. The SharePoint software application is part of the Office 365 online subscription for businesses.