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47677359_s.jpgCyber security is becoming a bigger, more complicated issue than many organizations are prepared to handle on their own. In fact, a single data breach can cost an organization up to $4 million in damages. This is where security-as-a-service shines. Security-as-a-service can provide your organization with a sophisticated, easy to deploy security systems at a fraction of the cost. A managed service provider can help you select a security-as-a-service solution and integrate it with your current environment.

Cybersecurity Trends in 2016: Why This is the Year to Get Serious - CWPS

Cybersecurity trends

Every year cybersecurity threats become more dangerous and sophisticated. The past year has shown that no one is safe; healthcare organizations, financial institutions, entertainment groups, and even government agencies reported significant data breaches and attacks. This year will undoubtedly see a variety of new threats aimed towards both small businesses and larger organizations. Here are a few of the major threats that can be expected in the coming year.