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Virtual Desktop InfrastructureA virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) provides users with desktops and applications on their computers, notebooks, and mobile clients. They get direct access to data and features – stored and managed in the data center as if they were loaded on their local devices. IT Managers get peace of mind with a comprehensive solution set that offers the following advantages:

Nimble Storage, Cisco & VMware Simplify the Journey to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) - CWPS

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - VDIMany businesses are ready to make the move to Virtual Desktops and an integrated, virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI). They want to exploit the compelling benefits - both economic and operational - that are driving this popular approach to managing IT. But taking on the transition can be intimidating. That's where CWPS comes in.

How a Hosted Virtual Desktop Keeps You Up-to-Speed & Up-to-Date - CWPS

Benefits of a Hosted Virtual DesktopIn the world of “virtual desktops” a user's operating system, apps and files are hosted and managed in the data center. Each user’s individualized desktop configuration is accessed over a wireless or wired network from any device — PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone — just by logging in with a username and password.