3 Reasons Why Your SMB Should Consider a Virtual Private Cloud

virtual_private_cloud.jpgVirtual private clouds can offer some significant advantages to those who are interested in leveraging cloud technology but still concerned about security. For small-to-midsized business owners, the virtual private cloud affords the ability to take advantage of advanced systems resources while still maintaining an easily managed and cost-effective network infrastructure.

There are three major reasons why SMB owners may want to transition to the cloud, especially if they are planning on expanding throughout 2016.

1. Increased Mobility

SMB owners today can rapidly develop their businesses by outsourcing throughout the globe or by running non-traditional offices. A virtual private cloud offers an SMB owner increased mobility; their employees can work from anywhere in the world securely, by connecting to the company's new intranet infrastructure through virtualized and protected services. The SMB owner can maintain a consolidated network while nevertheless taking advantage of the resources that a cloud service can provide. A mobile infrastructure will also enable the SMB owner to grow rapidly throughout other geographic locations.

2. Better Data Protection

A virtual private cloud is inherently far more secure than an ordinary cloud server. Virtual private clouds work only through the company's intranet infrastructure. To be accessed from the outside, data must be encrypted and sent along through a process of virtualization; the service cannot simply be connected to through the Internet. This provides vastly better data protection than a standard cloud solution.

3. Improved Scalability

Business owners looking to grow throughout 2016 will need to invest in a solution that is scalable -- otherwise they may find themselves having to replace and upgrade their infrastructure repeatedly as they grow. This investment in equipment can become quite costly, and it's more than possible to overspend if the amount of growth is misjudged. A virtual private cloud solution, just like any cloud service, is highly scalable. SMBs will pay for only the resources that they need and will be able to requisition additional resources as they grow without a significant investment in either time or money.

Virtual private cloud solutions are the ideal resource for business owners who are looking to grow in the upcoming year. A virtual private cloud service gives a business all the benefits of cloud solutions with increased security, and provides for better scalability when compared to a traditional on-premise solution. As small businesses grow, they can take advantage of the freedom and mobility that a virtual private cloud solution can offer.


Image source: Noah Sussman