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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on August 31, 2017
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Hybrid_Cloud_Solution-1.jpgA cloud automation framework is a simple framework that automates certain operations within the cloud-based infrastructure. Cloud automation frameworks are generally split into three separate modules: infrastructure automation, deployment automation, and self-healing automation.

The Types of Cloud Automation

Infrastructure automation is one of the most basic types of cloud automation; it involves creating a template for infrastructure that can then be easily replicated and deployed. A little more complex is deployment automation, through processes are automatically deployed throughout the system, and manual effort is reduced. Finally, self-healing automation involves finding errors within the system and correcting them automatically, though those who are responsible for managing the infrastructure will still be notified of the errors. 

Cloud automation offers better control over a system without consuming a large amount of additional resources. Systems have grown in complexity, and there are now a lot of moving parts; by automating the monitoring of these systems, companies can ensure that nothing is forgotten or overlooked. 

The Benefits of a Cloud Automation Framework

Fewer accidents. A system that is automated is going to perform the same task at the same time in the same way -- repeatedly. Through automation, you eliminate the possibility for human error... and that can be incredibly useful, especially as your organization grows.

Lower cost. Cloud automation frameworks have lower costs associated with them, as less administrative and IT time needs to be spent on these now automated tasks. Instead, the resources that would have gone to these automated tasks can go to improving upon operations and to revenue generating activities.

Better scalability. When businesses grow, they often no longer have the time to spend on daily tasks. Automating these tasks creates an organization that can scale up without having to worry about allocating an ever-increasing amount of money and time.

Improved security. Systems that can detect and mitigate their own threats -- by self-healing or auto-correcting -- are systems that are far more secure. As systems grow in complexity, it becomes more difficult to identify potential threats.

Automating your business practices will save you both time and money. In your daily operations, your administrative time will be reduced. In extreme scenarios, automation can avoid costly mistakes. Either way, though, actually attempting to automate your business can be a little overwhelming. CWPS can help. Contact CWPS if you want to explore areas in which automation can help your bottom line. 

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