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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on February 4, 2016
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Just how protected is your cloud data? When you rely upon a cloud services provider, you're putting your
data in a third party's hands - and this may mean that your backups aren't always accessible to you when you need them. A cloud-to-cloud backup service gives you complete control over your data while still continuing to leverage the benefits of the cloud, such as always-on access.

What is a Cloud-to-Cloud Backup?

A cloud-to-cloud backup service will transfer your data from your cloud hosting service to a cloud backup server. A cloud-to-cloud backup — also known as “Backup as a Service” — will always be accessible, just like your cloud service and will thus be more reliable and more accessible. A cloud backup service can be accessed from anywhere and files can be restored and synced as necessary.

Cloud backup solutions also have the advantage of additional resources: you don't need to worry about running out of space, as you might need to with an on-premise backup solution. Granular backups can be taken depending on application and data source, and snapshots can be stored at certain intervals to ensure that data can be recovered from any time. Backups are not vulnerable to physical damage or theft because they are off-site, and most backup services will additionally keep redundant copies.


Why Should a Business Invest in a Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Service?

Not only is an appropriate backup solution necessary for regulatory compliance in many industries, but it also protects an organization from potential business disruption. Data can become lost, corrupted, or simply accidentally modified by an employee. A cloud-to-cloud backup solution empowers an organization with the ability to quickly revert back to prior snapshots and access their data as needed.

Further, a cloud-to-cloud backup service doesn't just backup data -- it also ensures that the data is kept in a high security environment with proper audit logging and tracking. Confidential, personal, and sensitive data backups need to be protected to the same rigorous standards as the original data.

A cloud-to-cloud backup will ensure that you can always access your data, whether or not your cloud hosting service is available or your Software-as-a-Service platform is operating as it should. However, it's still important to work with a trusted partner for your backup services, as they will be responsible for the security of all of your data. For more information about cloud-to-cloud backup services contact CWPS today.

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