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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on August 15, 2017
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cloud_computing_for_businesses.jpgEdge computing is now being touted as the future of data processing. But what exactly is edge computing and how can it benefit organizations? Edge computing is considered to be a cloud-reliant service that provides better data processing for organizations at a lower cost. At the same time, edge computing may also lead to certain potential drawbacks, such as security issues.

What is Edge Computing?

In traditional infrastructures, computing is done at the center of a cloud or of a data warehouse. With edge computing, the computing is done at the very edge of the network -- at a multitude of endpoints. By pushing data processing to all of these individual endpoints, the system is able to allocate its computing closer to the actual resource of its data. Edge computing is currently being used to optimize many existing systems, both in terms of cost-effectiveness and speed. The benefits of edge computing are simple: it provides easy and powerful computing services through resources that would often otherwise go unused.

But there are some security challenges that are involved in edge computing. Because this type of computing requires numerous endpoints, it has the same drawback as the Internet of Things: it makes it very difficult for a system to be secured. As a result, advanced security systems and endpoint protection suites such as Cylance are practically essential for edge computing. These suites are able to regularly scan endpoint systems and detect and mitigate issues as they arise.

Why is Edge Computing Reliant Upon the Cloud?

Though the cloud is not strictly necessary for edge computing, on a practical level the easiest way to achieve such a system. Edge devices can be secured directly through a cloud-based infrastructure, and they can be updated, monitored, and analyzed through the cloud. Edge computing does require a spectacularly large number of endpoints, and because of that, it requires a consolidated system. As IoT devices become more common and cloud solutions grow in effectiveness, edge computing will become more popular.

Edge computing is still a fairly new technology that is being explored; consequently, some companies may not feel comfortable implementing edge computing or may worry about potential security issues. For these companies that need endpoint protection, CWPS is standing by to help.

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