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Posted by Gary Utley on November 30, 2017

7810627_s-1.jpgSharePoint is Microsoft’s answer to improved project management and office collaboration. The SharePoint software application is part of the Office 365 online subscription for businesses.

SharePoint integrates seamlessly with the office productivity tools you use every day. It serves as a hub where you can access and collaborate on project documents, communicating with teams in real-time no matter what their location.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is: 

  • A one-stop shop for office collaboration.
  • A secure cloud-based file storage system.
  • An Intranet portal where teams can meet.
  • A news portal.
  • A communications platform. 

What is SharePoint? It’s the tool to use for today’s modern, mobile, and collaborative business world.

Top Three SharePoint Features

Office 365 users can connect to this feature-rich platform through a browser and then use SharePoint in three crucial ways: 

  1. Secure file storage. Employees waste a lot of time searching for files, but SharePoint can serve as a single source of truth when your business suffers from file decentralization. Instead of files being stored on local machines or multiple drives, SharePoint can serve as the centralized hub for all documents. You can make a document edit, and then request a team member to review your work before sharing it with the full team. Because you’re working from a single source of truth in an integrated workspace, you won’t waste time finding files. There is also an integrated and robust search feature gives offices a better way to look for files and manage documents and resources.
  2. SharePoint is a great tool for document collaboration and information sharing. Version control is easier; no more emailing multiple document versions or struggling to consolidate duplicate desktop files. Content management rules ensure documents are only shared with the right people at the right time, and automation can streamline the document approvals process. There is an instant message feature that allows collaborators to talk in real-time as they’re working on a document. Finally, because SharePoint is cloud-based, you’ll be able to access documents from anywhere at anytime.
  3. SharePoint is a great communications tool that brings teams together. SharePoint lets users create Intranet websites for teams that serve as the dashboard for project management. It can integrate Outlook calendars and you can build a variety of sub-sites from one hub. You can set up custom libraries, creating communities where teams can share insight. You can even create personal web pages so that other people in a company can get to know you better.

SharePoint is more than a software application. It integrates fully with your existing Microsoft Office applications. Because it’s easy to use, implementing SharePoint frees up IT resources – you can build SharePoint Intranet sites on your own without utilizing technology expertise.

So, what is SharePoint? It is simply one of the best ways for offices to come together around the work we do every day. Whether it’s streamlining workflows through automation or improving version control when you’re on the road, SharePoint is an invaluable office tool that has irrevocably changed the way we do business – for the better.

The easiest way to get started with SharePoint is to sign up with CWPS’ Cloud Assist 365. To learn more, contact CWPS.

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