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Posted by Gary Utley on December 5, 2017

IMG_1012.jpgSharePoint is Microsoft’s answer to improved office collaboration and communication. SharePoint isn’t like some of the online storage tools you’ve used in the past; it was designed to change office workflows and improve how teams work together across any digital device.

This post looks more closely at the importance of making certain the migration of office workflows and files is an efficient and seamless process. For many small businesses, ensuring successful implementation of a sophisticated tool such as SharePoint requires the help of a trusted consultant.

Hiring a SharePoint Consultant

SharePoint consultants are often hired when a small business or non-profit wants to migrate all of their files over to the online service. The flow of when and how to migrate documents, how to retrain staff, and how to set up some of the internal SharePoint tools are often best handled by a SharePoint consultant.

Finding the right consultant will be crucial to making sure you get the full benefit out of this super-productive and efficient office tool. Here’s what to look for in a top-notch consultant to guarantee your success:

1. Collaboration, not Cookie-Cutter
The best SharePoint consultants are the ones that conduct an assessment then create a custom-designed plan for implementation and training. Look for consultants that ask lots of questions as a way to understand your organization and what you’re trying to accomplish. They should be genuinely curious about your organization and interested in gaining a deeper insight into your company.

2. Change Managers
Without good change management, technology adoption can fail. That’s why the best SharePoint consultants are expert change managers. They can guide your organization through difficult implementations where the staff has difficulty learning new things or is less-than-wiling to embrace change.

3. Plan for After the Implementation
Make sure your SharePoint consultant walks you through a plan for after the implementation. Sticking around until after the dust has settled will ensure that even the most reluctant adopters will gain confidence in the new workflows and in how to use the software itself. Look for consultants that address SharePoint governance and user adoption rules.

4. General Knowledge of Third Party Tools
Will your consultant understand how to integrate all of your applications effectively under the SharePoint hub? Having a strong understanding of third-party tools will help achieve a better, stronger implementation. When it comes to your existing applications, the best consultants are generalists in all things tech.

How you roll out SharePoint is just as important as how you use it. Make sure your SharePoint consultant implements as slowly or as quickly as you deem appropriate for your organization. Approaching each roll out by applying all their skills, while still looking objectively at your unique situation is exactly what makes a good SharePoint consultant.

Working with best practice consultants will ensure the success of user adoption over the long haul. SharePoint deployment requires a range of skills that meld people, process, and technology. Finding the right partner during this process can make all the difference. 

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