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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on April 19, 2016
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Though it may sound like science fiction, artificial intelligence is a very real programming field. In fact, artificial intelligence recently hit the headlines when Google's DeepMind program was able to best an expert Go player three times in a row. Artificial intelligence isn't what we would know as "life," it's simply a way to simulate cognitive analysis through a computer program. In the case of advanced programs such as DeepMind, the program is able to be adaptive and to learn.

The Quickly Growing Field of Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence industry saw a 300% increase in revenue year-over-year between 2014 and 2015. But why is artificial intelligence growing so quickly? Artificial intelligence isn't just a scientific pursuit -- it's incredibly useful for businesses in every sector. Artificial intelligence can be used to automate a variety of tasks, from the mundane to to the incredibly complicated. The Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot uses its artificial intelligence to navigate its world and avoid potential hazards. 

The more advanced an artificial intelligence is, the more uses it will have. In the future, artificial intelligence may operate as everything from a digital assistant to a personal driving chauffeur. Large companies are investing money into the field of artificial intelligence in pursuit of both revenue generating achievements and the ability to streamline business operations.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Information Technology

Naturally, the IT field has been at the forefront of AI development. AI is most promising in the field of big data. Big data is defined as a data set or data sets that are simply too large to be properly analyzed by an individual. These data sets are often run through analysis programs in order to show patterns that are more readily understood by the human mind.

But the more advanced artificial intelligence becomes, the easier it will be to identify these patterns and to develop conclusions, regardless of how large the data sets are. While artificial intelligence may find it difficult to do traditionally "human" tasks -- such as walking for the Boston Dynamics robot -- it excels at tasks such as sorting, categorizing, and analyzing data, making it perfect for certain IT functions, such as network monitoring.

Artificial intelligence is in a constant state of development and improvement, but it is likely that AI will soon become one of the corporate mainstays for business intelligence and IT analysis. Artificial intelligence represents a computer system that has essentially been taught to learn and adapt; a system that can more readily perform routine functions and tasks that presently require a person.

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