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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on October 25, 2016
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IoT_Security.jpgThe only thing growing as quickly as the Internet of Things may just be malware targeted towards the Internet of Things. IoT malware is becoming exceptionally common -- and with good reason. For most businesses, the IoT represents both an increase in productivity and a significant security vulnerability. Businesses will need to get on top of their IoT security to ride out this new wave.

Why Is The Internet of Things Being Targeted?

There are a variety of reasons why the Internet of Things appears to be a good target. The IoT is comprised of an incredible number of devices, each of them logged into the corporate network. The sheer volume of IoT devices means that they are attractive as a target; there are many open and potential targets available. But the more concerning issue is that many IoT devices are not properly secured.

In addition to a lack of security, many employees aren't aware of the risk that IoT devices may pose. They may add additional IoT devices onto the network or they may fail to properly secure the IoT devices that they install.

What Is IoT Malware?

Any type of malware can be transitioned to an IoT device, whether it's a virus or a botnet. This is because the IoT device is essentially being used as an entry point, and occasionally as a bot. Frequently, IoT devices are pulled into a botnet so that they can produce large-scale Distributed Denial of Service attacks. But IoT devices may also have adware or spyware installed on them, or may even be used to distribute phishing scams. IoT devices are essentially low-powered computers; an unlocked IoT device can be used for nearly anything. Even worse, many of these malicious programs and exploits aren't just proliferating naturally -- they are being sold online to those who might not otherwise be able to create their own malware.

IoT security spending is expended to reach $348 million within 2016, up from $281 million in 2015. There's no doubt that the IoT poses a substantial risk to many businesses, but it is a trend that must be adapted to rather than fought. CWPS can help your organization protect themselves through the use of a managed and secured infrastructure. Contact CWPS today to learn more about the IoT and its risks.

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