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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on June 12, 2017
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50065742_s (1).jpgBusinesses throughout all industries have always seen certain benefits from adopting managed service providers (MSPs) -- but it is now more than ever that they are growing to rely upon them. The way that business is being done is changing -- as are the threats that modern businesses face. Here are a few of the reasons why an MSP isn't just a good idea; it's a necessary one in today’s environment.

Cyber Threats Are on the Rise

Businesses are facing growing cyber security threatsevery day. It isn't just large enterprises being targeted; far from it. In fact, small businesses are most likely to be targeted, as they are least likely to have the technology and the training necessary to defend themselves. Cyber threats are becoming more advanced, sophisticated, and determined. Companies may face hundreds of attempts every day... and when one cyber security threat breaks through, they can experience thousands or even millions of dollars of damage. 

An IT MSP can protect against these threats, even for businesses that have an internal cyber security expert. MSPs can provide advanced technology solutions, which can scan for malware and viruses before they impact the organization. Managed service providers can provide always-on monitoring and troubleshooting, to mitigate threats such as DDoS attacks and ransomware before they can take a business down. Altogether, this means more consistency of service and fewer risks.

Companies Are Investing in a Mobile Workforce

Companies today are increasingly using remote workers. Remote workers aren't just more affordable. They can also allow an organization to reach the top talent throughout the globe rather than their local area. But a global workforce presents some challenges. Not only is there an increased need for security, as noted above, but there's also an increased need for productivity and collaboration technology. In order to better manage workflows, an IT MSP can setup the right cloud-based infrastructure from the start.

IT MSPs Offer Superior Scalability

When an organization needs to scale efficiently, an IT MSP can help. Companies today need to be more careful about scaling upwards; otherwise, they can potentially over-extend themselves and suffer dramatic losses. Rather than having to investigate and invest in speculative technologies and solutions, a company can instead rely upon an IT MSP to point them in the right direction. IT MSPs can future-proof businesses, finding solutions that will have easy and affordable upgrade paths and deploying resources to an organization only as needed. 

An IT MSP isn't just a tool; it's a partnership. Managed service providers can improve upon all levels of an organization's technology, for better efficiency, productivity, and security. For more information about the benefits of an IT MSP, contact CWPS today.

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