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Posted by Gary Utley on May 2, 2018

Office 365 is still the most widely used productivity software. Find out why Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are still the best G Suite alternatives.

The Google G Suite is here, and it’s trying to compete directly with Microsoft by offering an alternative to software products like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint that most companies have already built into the fabric of their workflows.

While most will probably not consider switching to the G Suite because these workflows are so ingrained, start-up organizations may still be looking lean toward Google’s office products since they typically cost less up-front.

This article will look at the G Suite alternatives and which makes the most sense for SMBs.

G Suite Alternatives

There are still some competitors in the office productivity space. Apple’s iWork productivity suite is probably the first G Suite alternative to come to mind. Pages, Keynote, and Numbers are not really what Apple is currently known for, however, placing this software as an afterthought behind hardware like the iPhone, the Mac, and the Apple watch.

Apache OpenOffice is an open source document tool that has a spreadsheet, word processing, presentation, drawing, and formula editor tools. The problem with OpenOffice is the open source formatting, that lets users add to the programs. In 2015 Apache reported there weren’t enough users to update the code.

Corel’s WordPerfect is another G Suite alternative; it has many of the same functions of the typical office suite, with one addition – there’s a photo-editing platform built in. Interestingly one of WordPerfect’s selling points is that they are Microsoft Office compatible. This irony should not be lost on those selecting an office productivity suite.

When looking at these competitors, it’s clear that Microsoft’s Office 365 is still the King of G Suite alternatives. While there is an element of personal preference, there is a lot of reasons why Office 365 is still preferable to G Suite.

For example, there are a lot more applications tied to Office 365. Also, Microsoft offers both cloud and on-site deployment for Office 365. Overall, Office 365 is simply more flexible than GSuite. 

The software features are what makes Office 365 the best of the G Suite alternatives. Here are some examples: 

  • Google Sheets, which is the G Suite alternative to Excel, now allows common language to be used in the calculation function of their spreadsheet. But Excel is unarguably the winner, here, because it has many more advanced features. That’s why, in a recent study, the majority of CFOs use Excel. Financial bloggers like James Kwak say Excel is “one of the greatest, most powerful, most important software applications of all time.”
  • Ironically, the G Suite allows you to save files as a Word document, which speaks to the pervasiveness of the Office 365 platform of products.
  • Office 365 has Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), an email filter that targets malware and viruses in real time.

The Wired magazine headline spells it out plainly, “Google work apps gain new powers, but Microsoft still rules.”

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