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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on May 26, 2017
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58779255_s (1).jpgEveryone already knows that SharePoint and OneDrive are great for large enterprises -- but what about small business owners? While it can be tempting to assume that such a powerful suite is overkill for an SMB, nothing could be further from the truth; SharePoint and OneDrive offer some superb and affordable features that can improve an SMBs operations. Here are some of the most important reasons why SharePoint and OneDrive are some of the best solutions for a small business owner.

More Employees Are Working Remotely

Many small business owners are now finding that their employees are working from home... or even from other countries entirely. To source the best talent at the best prices, it's often necessary to hire remote workers. And many employees of small businesses need the flexibility to work from home or on-the-go -- even the boss. With employees working remotely more than ever, there needs to be a way to collaborate through the Internet. SharePoint is a completely integrated collaborative service, while OneDrive is able to store and collect data and documents so they can be accessed and modified from anywhere. This gives team members complete access to documents and communications wherever they are. 

SMBs Need to Leverage the Power of the Cloud

SharePoint and OneDrive are both SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions. That means no physical infrastructure, a system that's accessible from anywhere, and a platform that can scale automatically to your needs. Cloud-based systems are backed up for you, have very high up-time, and don't require an investment in physical business assets. Software-as-a-Service is also automatically updated, upgraded, and maintained, removing many of the traditional issues with IT maintenance and upkeep.

Best of All, They're Low Cost Solutions

SharePoint and OneDrive are both offered through Microsoft 365 for the price of a low monthly subscription. As a tiered service, you pay for only what you need -- and that means that there's no costly licensing fees or expensive upgrade paths. Many people wrongly assume that these tools are going to be expensive because they're designed for enterprise-level organizations, but, in fact, they're often just as affordable (if not more affordable) than other, more limited software suites. They don't even need to be maintained by internal IT teams: instead, they can be maintained by a low cost managed service provider.

Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive both have features that are specifically designed to make life for a small business owner easier. If you're interested in what the power of Office 365 can do for you, your employees, and your business, contact CWPS today.

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