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Posted by Gary Utley on November 14, 2017

pexels-photo-515166.jpegSkype for Business gives even the smallest of companies an affordable way to manage teams that are on the road. Microsoft has integrated this flexible and easy-to-use video and audio conferencing service directly into the Office 365 suite of products. The benefits are outstanding – now one click lets you communicate freely via instant messaging, audio, video, and email all in one place. You won’t have to manage multiple applications; everything you need is under one umbrella. This article looks more closely at some of the benefits of using Skype for Business as a one-stop communications tool. 

Skype for Business Benefits

One of the first benefits of Skype for Business is that it helps limit the amount a company will spend on their phone bills. This is particularly helpful for start-ups or small businesses that run a tighter margin – but every size business can benefit from phone calls generated over the Internet. Skype has around 30 million users around the world that are taking advantage of this multi-purpose communications hub.

Skype for Business is also very user-friendly, allowing Office 365 users can leverage the platform in all kinds of ways. You can integrate Outlook contacts easily and then just hover over names and select the call or IM button. You’ll be able to set your status so co-workers can immediately see if you’re busy. If you’re in a meeting and you want to bring in colleagues in an impromptu video call, it takes less than a minute and a couple of clicks to facilitate.

Another benefit of Skype for Business is its portability. You can use it on your cell phone or any digital device as long as you have a Wi-Fi signal. This lets you work from anywhere at any time. This is a huge boon for the small to mid-size company that wants to improve productivity. Enterprise organizations that have a traveling sales team won’t have to worry about staying in touch.

Skype for Business also offers a meeting broadcast feature suitable for thousands. If your company wants to offer its own version of a Ted talk every quarter or offer a worldwide training for dispersed teams – Skype for Business can handle it.

By far, one of the most utilized features of this platform is the video conferencing feature. Setting up a phone or video meeting is simple; you can schedule or set up an impromptu meeting with anyone, anywhere. Video conferencing as a tool is particularly important to improve the connections between teams who are spread out or on-the-go. You can record these meetings in HD and archive them. You can also copy attendees into OneNote and add tasks or comments. There’s even a whiteboard feature that allows you to capture brainstorming notes and project it to attendees. 

Microsoft’s Skype for Business offering is an enterprise-level product that is now affordable for all sized businesses. It offers some of best tools for improving communications with clients and internal teams, making it the right choice for on-the-go businesses with dispersed teams.

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