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Need a Cloud Service Provider?

CWPS is a certified Tier 1 Microsoft managed cloud service provider in Washington D.C, partnering with small, medium, and enterprise organizations to become an extension of their team. Our clients enjoy unparalleled customer service with one proven single-source to support all your Microsoft solutions in the cloud.

A Look At CWPS' Cloud Services

As a cloud service provider in Washington DC, we understand how turnkey IT solutions can help maximize your infrastructure investment.


Today, IT teams are overwhelmed with the immediacy of day-to-day demands. They don’t have resources to sunset legacy platforms and migrate to the cloud. Into this stressed environment comes CWPS, a managed cloud service provider that can help IT teams migrate and manage their cloud solutions. 

We offer tools and support necessary to leverage the power of the cloud. Whether you need full-service IT outsourcing, support on specific projects, or end-to-end security, CWPS is the most trusted name in the region for providing cloud IT support.


We offer managed services for:

Client desktops

Cloud computation

Cloud data storage


Data protection

Device management

24/7 helpdesk

Network security

NOC services

On-site support

Server maintenance

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Cloud Solutions For Any Sized Business

CWPS provides a Customer Success Journey that goes beyond software implementation. We’ve found that after the go-live is just as important as pre-planning and deployment. That’s why we offer training, a helpdesk, onboarding, and a dedicated customer success technician to help your experience go smoothly.We offer full-service support to three types of businesses: 


  • IT for Small Business with no staff
    As one of the premier cloud service providers in Washington DC, we can help the small business stay focused on what’s important – company growth. We keep your business IT functions running smoothly while protecting client and corporate data at risk from cyber threats. IT managed services help the small business stay competitive by improving staff productivity and use of the software you use for critical office functions.
  • Mid-Sized Companies that need to add to their IT support
    With 24/7 support, this service is perfect for the mid-sized company striving for higher efficiencies and corporate growth. Select IT augmentation with a devoted team of IT managed service engineers that work to maintain the security and effectiveness of your infrastructure. Together, we work to supplement in-house processes, extending your effectiveness while improving the productivity of your business.
  • Enterprise Organizations that want to outsource
    Keeping pace with IT demand in an enterprise job is a challenge. Today, all critical business functions require an element of technology. This has strained enterprise IT teams to the breaking point. It makes sense to add dedicated resources to improve operations, outsourcing tedious daily tasks and freeing up IT teams to take on big projects. CWPS can provide Tier 1, 2, and 3 on-site resources to help with mission-critical operations.

Why Choose CWPS As Your

Cloud Service Provider in Washington DC?

  • Single-source for IT management, cloud managed services, strategy and planning, helpdesk, customization, and project management.
  • Detailed infrastructure performance maintenance and reporting.
  • One manageable monthly subscription cost with no overhead spikes.
  • End-to-end network security management.
  • Expert team with decades of experience.
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