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Today’s modern workforce is spread out across time zones and continents. We work in coffee shops, in our homes and in the office, so creating an office productivity suite that enables end users to collaborate across these evolving settings is imperative. Skype for Business with Microsoft Office 365 provides individuals with a robust collaboration/communication platform that  allows teams to stay productive, secure and innovative no matter where they work.

This free eBook dives deep into the functionality of Skype for Business collaboration platform, multi-functional sharing and communication features for fast-growing companies.

eBook's Top 3 Takeaways:

  • How Skype for Business integrates with Office 365 for a fully robust platform.
  • Discover key components that increase communication and upgrade your teams collaboration. 
  • Uncover how to link with team members and share important documents through a secure portal.

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Free eBook: CWPS Guide to Skype for Business

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