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Cloud Assist Security Foundations

The days of traditional security solutions are no longer a viable option to protect your company’s data from malicious attacks. Hackers and cyber criminals have developed an entire sophisticated industry dedicated to stealing your data. You must incorporate a defense-in-depth cyber security strategy. With our Cloud Assist Security Foundations Bundle, we help to not only protect, but to prevent malicious attacks against your company. It’s as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

1-45866256590929.png Secure Internet Gateway. The first step toward advanced cyber security is to predict attacks before they happen and expand your threat protection beyond the perimeter by removing your DNS blind spot. Protect your users anywhere they access the internet from ever more sophisticated cyber attackers before they can even launch.

2-47378.png NextGen Endpoint. Our next level of defense is to protect your endpoints in the event an attacker does get through. Our next-generation antivirus solution uses an artificial intelligence and machine learning approach to predict, identify and prevent both known and Day Zero cyber threats from ever executing or causing harm to your endpoints.

3-10-1.png Security Awareness. Finally, we believe one of the greatest ways of protecting your environment is to deploy systematic security awareness training to your employees. All companies have employees who are frequently exposed to advanced phishing and ransomware attacks and they can become the weak link. We can help companies manage the continuing problem of social engineering.

Copy of 1 (1)-1.png NextGen Firewall. To prevent threats effectively, any network needs to reduce the avenues of attack by controlling which applications run on it. Then, a firewall needs to scan “allowed” application traffic for threats more broadly, while not limiting them to a strict definition of a particular type of threat.

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Secure Internet Gateway 

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NextGen Antivirus

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Security Awareness

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NextGen Firewall

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