CWPS Privacy Policy

CWPS takes client privacy seriously.  As part of this effort we wish to inform you of our Privacy Policy.

 CWPS  Client Privacy Policy

 The CWPS Privacy Policy articulates the privacy and data protection principles followed by CWPS with regards to the personal information of its customers, including product, outsourcing and other services clients, partners, employees, former employees, applicants and current or former members of the Board of Directors ("covered individuals"). These principles support the highest privacy standards in international trade and commerce and human resource management.


 CWPS respects and is committed to protecting the personal information of our covered individuals. We follow privacy policies and data protection practices to comply with the law and to earn trust and confidence in CWPS and its business practices. CWPS privacy policies and data protection practices extend by contract to our supplier and partner relationships. CWPS employees, and those working on behalf of CWPS are informed about these policies and practices and are expected to follow them. CWPS privacy policies and practices reflect and reinforce the CWPS company values of trust, integrity, and quality.


 This CWPS Privacy Policy applies to the collection, storage, processing, transfer, and use of personal information concerning covered individuals except where the contract with a covered individual defines different requirements. Personal information includes any data by which a person can be identified or located, as well as any data to which CWPS has access in customer systems.

 Personal information may be collected from covered individuals through a variety of means, including, as examples, websites, other ordering channels, and service or employment processes. CWPS may also obtain personal information about covered individuals from other publicly or commercially available sources we deem credible.

 This policy governs customer and employee data protection policies; implementation standards; rulebooks; business processes; applications; web, product, and service developments; and technology roadmaps.

 All CWPS employees and contracted parties working on behalf of CWPS must comply with these policies, even if local law is less restrictive. Specific practices are tailored to meet the legal, regulatory, and cultural requirements of the countries and regions where CWPS operates.

Policy Fundamentals

Our privacy policies reflect current principles and standards on handling personal information. These principles include notice of data use, choice of data use, data access, data integrity, security, onward transfer, and enforcement/oversight. We abide by the privacy laws in the countries where we do business.

 We use the definitions of personal data and sensitive personal data as defined in the Madrid Resolution. Briefly this is:

 Personal data means any information relating to an identified natural person or a person who may be identified by means reasonably likely to be used.

Sensitive personal information is that which, in cases of misuse, may cause unlawful or arbitrary discrimination or other serious risk to the data subject. In particular, personal data that reveals aspects such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, or religious or philosophical beliefs will be considered sensitive data.

 Policy Principles

 CWPS recognizes that the personal information it receives is held in a position of trust. We seek to fulfill that trust by adhering to the following general principles regarding personal data.

 Notice and Choice of Data Use

 CWPS does not sell, rent or lease personal information of covered individuals.

CWPS provides notice and choice to individuals regarding the type of personal information collected and its intended uses.

CWPS reviews the purposes for which data is to be collected from covered individuals to ensure that our data collection supports reasonable business requirements.

CWPS does not use personal information obtained from covered individuals for purposes that are incompatible with the purposes stated in our notices.

 Data Access

 CWPS provides individuals with reasonable access to the personal information they provided to CWPS and the ability to review and correct it, as applicable.

 Data Integrity

 CWPS takes reasonable steps to ensure that all applicable personal information is accurate, complete and current.

 Data Security

 CWPS is committed to protecting personal information against unauthorized use or disclosure.

CWPS provides additional levels of protection for data considered to be sensitive personal data.

 Onward Transfer

 CWPS does not transfer personal information provided by covered individuals to third parties unless those third parties promise to give the data the equivalent level of protection that CWPS provides.

As a company operating strictly within the United States, CWPS will only use Delivery Centers located inside the continental United States.


 CWPS uses best commercial practices to obtain personal information by lawful and fair means.

CWPS complies with relevant privacy and data protection laws in the locations in which CWPS operates.

 CWPS addresses complaints or disputes regarding personal information promptly and courteously.

 If you have any questions or concerns in this matter, please feel free to contact CWPS.


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