Cyber criminals now use an even more advanced methodology to target your employees and some are sophisticated enough to get through your first line of defense. Our next generation endpoint security solution will decimate malware attempts from day zero.

Next Generation Endpoint Protection.

Stop merely detecting attacks. Our Advanced Threat Protection is an endpoint solution that blocks threats in real time before they ever cause harm.

Only an artificial intelligence & machine-learning approach can identify and prevent both known and unknown cyber threats from ever executing or causing harm to your endpoints. How? It eliminates the need for individual security teams to analyze and develop expertise in defending against each new cyberattack. In other words, our advanced threat protection, powered by Cylance, learns each new cyber-attack and figures out a way to defend against it and prevent any similar ones from appearing in the future.

Future-Proof Endpoint Security, CylancePROTECT, redefines what antivirus can and should do for your organization by leveraging artificial intelligence to detect and prevent malware from executing on your endpoints in real time. By taking a mathematical approach to malware identification utilizing patent-pending, machine learning techniques instead of reactive signatures and sandboxes, CylancePROTECT renders new malware, viruses, bots and unknown future variants useless.

Its architecture consists of a small agent that integrates with existing software management systems or Cylance’s own cloud console. The endpoint will detect and prevent malware using tested mathematical models on the host, independent of a cloud or signatures. It is capable of detecting and quarantining malware in both open and isolated networks without the need for continual signature updates. Defense requires applying the best protection at the most vulnerable locations - the endpoints.

Cylance’s mathematical approach stops the execution of harmful code regardless of having prior knowledge or employing an unknown technique. No other anti-malware product compares to the accuracy, ease of management and effectiveness.


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